Welcome to mytriplenegativelife!     This blog was created to support people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and had a local recurrence in 2013. My histology stated that  I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer (or TNBC)  in 2013 and am not sure if I had it in 1999 as Her2 wasn’t even discovered  then.  All I know was that I was hormone negative in 1999.   It is hard to believe that it is twenty years since I was first diagnosed!  If I was told that I would be alive for that length  it would have saved me many anxious years worrying!

I am a wife, mother daughter, sister and friend. My aim to is to provide hope to those of you beginning treatment for breast cancer  and reflect on common issues that I have encountered along the way.   It is a scary, crazy time when diagnosed first but I promise in the midst of all that is going on you will continue living your life.    As well as support I hope this blog will provide an understanding of the reality a diagnosis of breast cancer brings and help you regain your self-confidence and self-esteem again.  I have written more in my very first post Introduction

I do hope you will join me and share my journey.