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A mini break…

I was browsing through some of my old posts the other day and one in particular caught my eye Getting ready to holiday.    Yes,  I know, remember those days! …I smiled to myself when I read the following paragraph:

The most important practical tip I can give is to wash your hands frequently. The usual times- before food, after visiting the bathroom and after touching any surfaces in public use such as door handles, counter surfaces, shopping trolley handles etc. (Hopefully you won’t have to do too much shopping!). I carried a hand sanitiser with me at all times and still do to this day- old habits I guess.  If you can’t wash your hands avoid touching your mouth and eyes until you can access washing facilities. On the plane, despite washing my   hands after using the bathroom I always use a hand sanitiser afterwards for obvious reasons. I should add I try to avoid using the bathroom on the plane as much as possible!!  Again the hand sanitiser is useful when sitting in your cramped seat on the plane before eating any food.

Sound familiar?  Little did I think that would become the norm for everyone in everyday life never mind people with cancer.  Needless to say, I am not planning on traveling by plane anytime soon.   Like many, we are having a staycation this year and last week I dipped my toe into the whole experience by taking myself and my kids to the sea for a short break. I was interested to see how the tourism industry is faring with all the new measures being put in place to protect everyone.  Of course I really wanted a break!

Remember from my last post Finding our way forward I spoke of craving the sea during Lockdown. Well,  having watched the weather forecast, we took off on the first fine day in over a week. Before I left I checked the latest figures for the area I was traveling to. I think everyone in Ireland had the same idea as the seaside was very busy on our first day. I felt nervous being in amongst the crowd and decided to go to a quieter and less well known area which suited us perfectly.

Our hotel was very well prepared.  There were separate entry and exit passageways.  Hand sanitiser available everywhere. I had to sign for my room and my pen was disinfected afterwards.   Cashless payments are the norm nowadays and so too was our experience at the hotel. The lift was managed by my youngest whose elbow was perfectly in line with the buttons!  Our room was spotlessly clean. All throws and cushions, pens, and notepaper were removed. I brought disinfectant with me but on seeing the room I felt confident that it was clean.   I used it the following day after our room was tidied but that was just me.   The beloved breakfast buffet is not available now much to my kids dismay and we had to make do with table service. The kids used to love going up to replenish their dishes and juice over the years. Obviously that is not possible now.  Before we left home, I pre-booked our dinner for each evening to ensure we got a reservation. I didn’t fancy taking a chance on Walk in service for now.

Except for our first day with the large crowd at the beach, most people kept their distance.   More and more people are wearing masks every week too.  If you feel you need a break,  (who doesn’t after these past few months) , it is worth doing. With a little planning in advance, a hotel break can provide a brief respite from this pandemic. If you are feeling nervous about it, remember us cancer patients have been taking these precautions for years. I was pleasantly surprised and felt reasonably safe. Finding little pockets of joy is so important right now…

Whatever you decide, stay at home or go, enjoy!

Until next time…

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