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Finding our way forward

Here I am, a week after our nation is beginning to emerge from the Lockdown and I am feeling a bit discombobulated.   Many have written on how similar the experience of a diagnosis of cancer and the initial Lockdown period was. Well, I am recognising these feelings as the same experience when treatment ended. I am sure a psychologist would say that we draw on past experiences to help us cope with any new situations.  In a sense so, I know that these feelings will pass, that my confidence will return as we navigate this “new normal” ( That phrase is definitely borrowed from cancerland).

At the moment it all feels rather abrupt, that we are cut loose and told to go on our way. The message is clear, we need to take personal responsibility for all of our actions. Fair enough.  I am noticing that my current behaviour is very similar to when in lockdown. I am not inclined to travel too far. I am making excuses not to travel.   I am wearing a mask whenever I go shopping. Unfortunately I am still a rare breed.   I am now getting used to people looking askance at me as I go about my business.  This is the only way I can feel comfortable moving around society when SARS-CoV-2 has the potential to take off again.    I do not want to inadvertently transmit this disease to anyone.  I only wish that others would be more considerate too.    How come it is older people and the vulnerable who are wearing masks?

I am taking baby steps though. I had my first visit to the beautician today. Very different experience but am heartened by all the measures the industry has undertaken to ensure everyone is safe.  Next trip is to the hairdresser during the week. I am pining for the sea and even had dreams of walking on the beach so that will be a day trip soon.  The logistics need to be carefully planned beforehand. My children are meeting their friends and I can see them thriving again.  Sports have returned much to their Grandfather’s delight.   Instead of trips and events my kitchen planner is currently being used for contact tracing if we become ill.    Most people are washing their hands and keeping apart.

The bottom line is that we are all trying our best, but now is not the time to be complacent. Hopefully more and more people will wear masks in the coming weeks before this second wave hits like a tsunami and our health services becomes overwhelmed.

Take care


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