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Stay Apart

Oh my! What a week we are after experiencing. It is difficult to quantify the range of emotions we are feeling right now. Remember though that our community have faced extreme challenges in the past and so too will we learn to adapt, adjust and live our lives once again.    The only advice I will give is to take the advice very seriously. Governments do not halt economies on a whimsy.  Many are giving sensible advice on how to manage this crisis.  Similarly,  when we were first diagnosed avoid the charlatan advice, take heed of our public health medical advice. Most of all protect yourselves and your family by social distancing.

That is all for now. My heart is too heavy with emotion.

Take care xx

3 thoughts on “Stay Apart”

  1. Catherine, I have read your inspiring story on a different website and have a question about the book you mentioned that helped you to gather strength to go through treatments and achieve your goals.
    What is the name of the book? You said it’s out of print, but maybe it is possible to get a copy somewhere? Thank you very much for taking time and sharing your experiences! I wish you strength and lots of optimism amid these difficult times!!!

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    1. Thank you Tatianna ! The name of the book is “Tipping the Scales to serious illness” by Sean Collins. It remains out of stock but there are many books available since that book was published that may help you navigate your way through the next few months. Check out books that give good scientific and evidence based information as well as psychological support. Stay safe


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