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Keeping Well

I have found a window of time where I can sit down for longer than five minutes to write a post. Even though I have been silent this past while, I haven’t forgotten this lovely breast cancer community and have tried to keep up to date with everyone most weeks. Our household has been very busy this past six months with various sporting activities on each evening and every weekend which left me with very little time for myself. Recently however, our two children ended up visiting the Emergency Department within twelve hours of each other which,  needless to say,  left Hubby and I traumatised. Thankfully they are on the mend now but sporting activities have been curtailed for now. Even as I speak they are outside shooting hoops (one with a plaster cast on his wrist, the other post a concussion!) and I am on tenterhooks in case they exacerbate their injuries!

All in all, the above paints a pretty good picture of how our lives have been.  Busy but fulfilling.  Wonderful milestones have passed in our children’s lives and I feel so grateful to be here to witness them.   Recently,  I passed  six years since my recurrence, yes… six years, imagine!. If I had been told that at the time I would have grabbed it gladly.   After my primary diagnosis I spent many anxious moments worrying about a recurrence. It happened and yet I am still here.  I cannot admit to never worrying again because even recently I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder area.   After several bouts of physiotherapy with not much progress I succumbed and visited my family doctor.   ( Secretly, I was thinking the cancer was active again especially when waking in the middle of the night. I am sure most of you have had that feeling at some point. ) He felt it was more like a bulging disc and prescribed Capsaicin Cream.   He mentioned a possible MRI and pain management referral if no relief. With my suggestion (as I am trying to avoid hospitals for now),  I tried acupuncture and am finally managing the pain somewhat insofar as it allows me to continue with my daily activities  My acupuncturist is also working on other niggly problems like my intermittent insomnia with some good results.  

I am due a routine mammogram and Oncologist visit shortly.  At this stage I am not experiencing scanxiety but that could change on the appointment day!   I am managing to compartmentalise those feelings for now.. 

In other news, if you are living in Ireland check out the realisation of Siobhan’s ( being ) endeavours to promote awareness amongst women who have dense breasts to seek or question the need for supplemental screening following their mammograms. All her advocacy work has culminated in her co-chairing a seminar on Monday 10th June 2019.   Huge congratulations to Siobhan on her achievement!


For now, until next time, goodbye!

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