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One day at a time

I can’t wish you happy new year as we are at the end of February already!  Yikes! Time is literally passing me by. What I can do is sincerely hope that you are having a healthy/stable year so far and that you fulfil all of your new year’s resolutions, well… the ones you wish to keep or maybe you have them ditched by now!  No matter,  because I must admit I didn’t make much of making new year resolutions this year. This is the first year in a long, long time that I didn’t feel melancholic around the New Year and January.   I am finally realising that a lot of energy can be expended worrying about the future when, really, I should be concentrating on the present. I know only too well that that is easier said than done, considering I am coming up to the twentieth anniversary of my first diagnosis in July and amazingly it is nearly six years since my recurrence.  Obviously that anniversary is gaining more significance as the years pass by and I am still alive and reasonably well.

Family life is hectic …in a good way.    We are on the road constantly driving the kids to various sports activities and are back from a lovely family sun holiday whilst the kids were on mid-term break.   I am immersed in all these wonderful happenings yet all the while conscious of how lucky I am to be able to enjoy being with them.  This year I was looking for a diary/planner for the year ahead and I came across the one in the picture above.  I haven’t used a diary in a few years, possibly since finishing work , and have relied on my phone for reminders etc.  That was used in abundance due to chemo brain!  Hubby and I were in Dublin in late December  on a night away to ourselves.   We had a lovely break although rather short-lived.  I always find it hard to pass by a bookshop so popped in for a browse and there it was waiting for me.   It wasn’t my intention to buy a planner based on mindfulness but the title resonated with me in my current state.  I am dipping in and out of it and still find it lovely to open and read the affirmations.

“I let go of fear and choose vibrant health”.

” I breathe out stress, and breathe in peace”

” I let go of all my worries and bring myself into the present moment”

Abby Wynne

On another note, If any of you are planning a  return to work after your cancer treatment, the Marie Keating Foundation has released a very good leaflet for employees, employers and carers.   I have written on this topic before and would have loved something like this when I was considering my return.  I also feel that employers could do with some support as well as they are treading the unknown too.  There is a short chapter for carers  trying to balance work with caring for someone who is ill.  Here are the links below if you wish to read them. It is a bit of a saga so it warranted three posts! Until next time, take care x

Back to work after cancer: part 1

Back to work after cancer: part 2

When work doesn’t work out..

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