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I have been keeping a low profile on the blogosphere these past few weeks and not engaging much with social media. I have tried started writing blogs and have stopped half-way through.  It is just over a year since my mother died and I have been feeling a bit lost, truth be told. As you may recall it was Halloween when she died suddenly last year. Mam was staying with my sister for a few days and we had no concept of what was ahead for us that day. I had just returned from a dental appointment with one of my children when my sister rang to say that Mam felt faint… These past few weeks I have been thinking of her and her last days on this beautiful earth. I am grateful that she got to see all the beautiful Autumnal colours one last time and had no more Winters to face.  The grief still lingers on and colours everything we do. Around her anniversary was  difficult and even as we approach Christmas without her for the second year, it seems harder still.  On a positive note we had a family gathering after her anniversary mass which we will cherish for a long time plus it is great to see my father doing so well. The older generation know how to shoulder grief and carry on. He is keeping himself busy doing various maintenance around the house. ( I can see now where I learned that coping skill!)  As a family we have relaxed a bit as unknowingly we were worrying about him and wondering how he would cope following Mam’s passing.  The only concern we have now is that he could be found on top of a ladder when we call to visit him!

As you may recall I turned fifty earlier this year. ( Dancing in the Rain ). Instead of one big holiday I went on a lot of short breaks and I had my final one recently. My father and siblings treated me to a trip away with a spa treatment,  thrown in for good measure.   I am feeling a tad guilty as I think I have milked this “Turning 50” malarkey to death!   

Health-wise I am keeping well . I had a recent Oncology appointment and all is good. I am due another Mammogram in six months. I forgot to mention that I am finally eligible to have a free one after all these years with the BreastCheck screening service.  My chronic pain is being managed with yoga, pilates and walking. I have also being playing tennis with a heat patch applied to various areas!  (Don’t knock it , it works! )  I have also decided to come off the Venlafaxine that I was prescribed for the hot flushes.   I was suffering with terrible insomnia a couple of years ago and I finally capitulated and started taking it. Whilst I continued having hot flushes during the day, the night sweats abated and I was able to sleep at last.   I never planned to take it  long term  and recently I was experiencing side effects from the drug. The options from my GP were that I could either discontinue taking it or commence other medications for the side effects.   I felt my medical charts are bad enough without adding a long list of medications to it.  The medical team could practice weight-training with the weight of my charts!  Only time will tell how I get on but it is my decision and I can easily go back on it another time.

The Christmas preparations have well and truly begun here. In the past, today was the traditional start of Christmas in Ireland when everyone went to the larger towns and cities to do their Christmas shopping.  Our decorations are up. The kids love dressing the Christmas tree but after that it is left to me!  This is probably our last year of Santa visiting our house so simultaneously I am feeling a little sad but also grateful that we have gotten this far and I continue to be well enough to care for them.

Until next time, take care x

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  1. Good to have you back with us Catherine. I completely understand that feeling the first year after a loss like you have experienced. The end of November marked 7 years since my Mum’s death and I feel very low at this time of year too. Sending loving thoughts your way xxx

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