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Material Goods

As you may recall I attend a mindfulness class from time to time and was a participant in  a Louise Hay workshop a few months ago. (Still Learning). Mindfulness seems to be a bit of a buzz word at the moment and certainly, for me, the merits of practicing it are very real. I am definitely less anxious about having had cancer and do try to incorporate it into everyday situations.   Recently, as part of a group exercise, we were given a task to write down three material things we were grateful for.  We are used to being grateful for the important aspects of our lives such as family and friends and take for granted the material facets of our lives.  This becomes more significant if we are deprived access to them for whatever reasons.

These are my three things:

  1. My home- there is a severe problem in our capital city with homelessness, the worst ever in our country, most likely a legacy from poor policy-making decisions in the past. To be able to close the door of my home at the end of the day is a privilege.
  2. My car- When I retired early, Hubby and I discussed whether to limit ourselves to one car. Thankfully we didn’t, and now I have my own independence,  I can travel to meet friends, go shopping and not rely on public transport or others for lifts.   Social isolation after cancer? is a very common unspoken about reality following cancer.
  3. My computer-   Mostly for instant access to the internet as it is like a window to the World.    At my fingertips I can access all types of information and recent research. Social media can be used in a positive way to connect with like-minded people and lastly,  I can write my blog.

There you have it!  What are your three material things that you are grateful for?   I am not a psychologist so there are no right or wrong answers and I am sure the answers could easily change from week to week!

Don’t overthink it , give yourself one minute to accomplish it and see what  you have written down.  Good luck and feel free to share if you wish!

3 thoughts on “Material Goods”

  1. Actually, each of the three things you listed are what I am most grateful for too. It IS a privilege to have your own front door and to have a car – essential in the countryside where public transport is nonexistent. As for my laptop it has allowed me to leave office-bound work and strike out on my own – the best thing that has happened to me in the past decade is being able to work for myself doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling. Thanks for the reminder of all we have to be grateful for Catherine

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