This Week.

It is probably an understatement to say that we are all feeling a little bit fragile and vulnerable after the death of Rachel Bland from stage four Triple Negative Breast Cancer this week. The sadness goes deep into our core as we feel sympathy for her husband, young son, family and friends.   Many tributes have been paid to her and she leaves a long-lasting legacy with the podcast  YouMeandtheBigC.        I only wrote in my last post on Nancy’s 2018 Summer Blogging Challenge that I was enjoying listening to it. I truly hope that it continues and the topic of the realities of dealing with cancer become universally known.

My eldest has started second level school or Secondary school as we call it in Ireland. The  night before he was getting ready for school, my eye caught a picture of his first day in school on his notice board.  I felt a pang at how quickly that time has passed.  No one tells you when your children are born that you spend your life preparing your kids for life by letting them go bit by bit.   Combined with my self-absorbed ennui of another chapter closed, is a feeling of survivor’ s guilt as I realise how precious these moments are and dear Rachael will not have a chance to witness and experience them.

On a personal note,  I  have had no more episodes of Lymphodema, thankfully,  and have had a couple of sessions of manual lymph drainage for my cording with good results. I can’t explain the sensation of the therapist working on my cord but I feel very squeamish so much so that I cancelled further appointments!  I know there is some unearthed psychological association there that I need to overcome as I am getting good relief. My lymphoedema sleeve arrived yesterday and it looks like Nora Batty’s tights from the BBC programme “Last of the Summer Wine”. How glamorous!

Tomorrow (Saturday), I plan to attend the Advanced Breast Cancer Conference in Dublin.    We all feel a little helpless when it comes to the death of someone we admire in the online Breast Cancer Community, so this is my way of honouring their memories by being a Cancer Ally as Beth Caldwell (RIP) spoke of in the past.   I am planning to meet Siobhan from @BreastDense on Twitter so between us, hopefully we will learn something to impart to you.

Until next time…

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