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Summer days

I have been rather quiet for awhile partly because I am busy with the children on school holidays and partly because I am feeling pretty good these days…well apart from my ongoing saga with chronic pain, axillary cording and more recently some lymphoedema which thankfully has settled down. It probably sounds worse than it is and at this stage I just get on with things mostly. I seem to be a magnet for insect bites this Summer and some of them have been nasty enough to leave a bruise in their wake!

Following my episode of lymphoedema, I am getting a series of sessions of manual lymph drainage and had my first one recently. I did get some relief from the constant tightness. I was surprised to feel tender afterwards but drank a lot of water as advised and it all  subsided.  My therapist plans to work on the cording that has been there a long time at this stage. I continue to practice the exercises that the physiotherapist gave me which also help. I have been advised to have a compression sleeve fitted for preventative measures and am due a fitting in the next few weeks.

On our family front, we have had some cousins on a visit. They go to a camp for the week so are pretty much well exercised at the end of the day.  We have done this for the past few years and I feel so grateful to have the energy to do so. I am fairly tired afterwards but it is definitely worth it.  So,  can you imagine four rambunctious boys chortling and wisecracking with the odd disagreement here and there filling the house with discordant sounds that I am kinda missing already!   I think Hubby is silently pleased that he has a bit of peace to himself as he said it feels like Julia Donaldson’s children’s story “A Squash and a Squeeze “

I deliberately kept this week free as we will be going on our family holiday in the next few weeks.  We are going on a “staycation” this year and each one of us is so pleased at not having to go near an airport especially with all the industrial unrest going on with Ryanair recently. Of course I will have to supervise Hubby’s packing as he tends to throw everything into the boot luxuriating in the simple pleasure of not having to weigh luggage.

My mother’s birthday is next week, her first ‘away from home’ so that brings it’s own sadness. My mother loved flower arranging when she was well and she even helped with  my wedding flowers.  She had a great knack for going out into the garden, coming back with an array of greenery and creating some lovely displays. On our wedding day we had  asparagus leaves as part of the greenery and were admired by all! So in her honour I tried to create something with asparagus leaves for her grave on her first birthday away. See the pics below..



Hope you have a good week. Until next time…

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