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A salutary reminder…

We have been experiencing some glorious weather in Ireland a few weeks ago and there is a promise of more on the way in the coming week.  Everything looks and feels better when the sun is shining.  Everyone’s mood seems to just be on a constant high.  The only downside is that we are not used to living with this kind of weather and usually need to travel to another country to experience it.  Our time is then spent lounging around swimming pools or walking around looking at various sites of interest.     It came as a bit of surprise to me then that I found it difficult to work around the heat as I usually love it. Also, I  developed some lymphoedema on my arm, much to my horror. This was accompanied by a heaviness and pain in my arm which woke me at night.

I normally have some trouble with chronic pain and axillary cording and I wrote previously on this Axillary Web Syndrome and have given updates on how I was faring with it, Chronic pain.   Managing chronic pain..  Pain I was  fairly well informed about the risks of lymphoedema.  I contacted my Cancer care centre for advice and they arranged and appointment in a couple of weeks for manual lymph drainage. They have recommended to have a sleeve fitted for preventative reasons and when flying.


IMG_3050In the meantime, I was seen by a physiotherapist at my hospital who is qualified in caring for patients with lymphoedema. She measured my arm and thankfully the swelling had subsided by the time I went for my appointment. In fact I felt like a bit of a fraud going to the hospital but was reassured that they are trying to get people with symptoms at the early stages to prevent it from progressing to  a debilitating quality of life problem. In addition,  I  was given some exercises to target the cording and tightness left around my chest area.  I am pleased to note that the new exercises are helping to alleviate the tightness and I will wait and see how I get on with the manual lymph drainage in a couple of weeks.

As you can imagine I am approaching this next spell of warm weather with some trepidation. As Hubby said “Just sit in a paddling pool reading your book!!”    Obviously it is not going to prevent me from enjoying the lovely weather but I can’t afford to be complacent either.

A salutary message for all of us….

Irish Cancer Society


2 thoughts on “A salutary reminder…”

  1. I’m so glad the swelling has gone down. Manual lymph drainage as part of physical therapy has helped me immensely. The medical professionals never told me about lymphedema until I had it. Ugh. I’m glad Ireland is experiencing great weather. One day I’d love to visit your country; it always looks so beautiful from pictures I’ve seen.

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