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Good Times

This is my favourite time of the year, the sense of anticipation of warmer, longer evenings with the clocks going forward this weekend and Easter is only a week away.  This year has been unseasonably cold but it hasn’t stopped the daffodils or the gorse bushes from flowering.   My oldest’s birthday is also coming up shortly and  I always look fondly at this time and reflect on how special that period in our lives was when we were waiting for our first baby to be born after so many years waiting. It is a tad bittersweet however as I had found my second lump around this time five years ago but didn’t want to ruin any lovely memories we had, so I waited for a few weeks before I went to the doctor.

We had a lovely family weekend away in Killarney last weekend to celebrate my birthday. We went to watch the parade and had the obligatory green ice-cream despite it being bitterly cold. We weren’t the only idiots either. There was a queue out the door for the stuff! It was a whistle-stop tour so didn’t get much time to explore the outskirts of the town this time. We have fond memories of visiting here in the past so plan to bring the kids again for a longer visit next time.

Over the past week I have, by accident, met a few people who I worked with over the years. It was lovely to meet them BUT they always ask what I am doing now.    In the past I have wrestled with the facts and question should I tell them the truth and say for me to commit to paid employment for even an hour a day could possibly exhaust me or do I spin a yarn about being at home with the kids for now. I usually settled on a half-truth something akin to “the kids need me at the moment” or  “when they are older…”
Why do I feel I have to make up excuses for not working?
More recently I am telling the truth. That I was so physically exhausted it was taking me two days to recover from one day’s work. I am sorry I didn’t say it more often as I have found that it stops any more discussion on work prospects! I have blathered on enough about work in the past and I think I have reached saturation point on the subject by now, so we just moved on to another subject. Quite refreshing really.

The children are now officially on their Easter holidays and we are all looking forward to a bit of downtime. We have no plans whatsoever except for a few day trips. I am determined to instill a bit of culture into them this holiday instead of being attached to their Xbox! I am usually met with a “why do we have to do that?” or more recently with the older one the eyes are thrown up to heaven.  We are approaching THAT period of parenting.  They are still good kids though – just no appreciation of culture!

Have a good week everyone!


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