Healing hugs

I thought I had been doing my grieving in private,  well except on this page where I have blathered on  and poured my heart out especially in the early days.   I am now beginning to wonder was I?  I did notice that I was being a plain old Moody Maisie at times    The truth?   I was allowing myself this behaviour.   Both my children have had big crying jags at different times during the week, reminding me that all of us are grieving in our own way.    I understood exactly how they felt  simply because I feel like doing that nearly every day.  My instincts started kicking in and similar to  Supporting your kids…  when I was ill, I am looking for cues and just reacting to their feelings. Hugs and kisses are great salves to emotional hurt and pain, and not just for the kids either.  We need to be there for each other in order heal from our bereavement.

The above isn’t helped by the fact my mother’s death certificate was released during the week. My father went on his own to collect it.  ( A proud, independent man!).  He told me afterwards that he got very emotional coming out of the Registrar’s office as it had started snowing. As the snow swirled around him in the biting wind he realised that this was the last official document he will ever receive concerning his wife, whom he was married to for over fifty years… Can you imagine, an eighty-two year old man, back bending in the wind, making his way slowly to his car, clutching onto a flimsy document?… Heartbreaking.

Otherwise, the weeks and months are passing by and this week we have had mid-term break for a couple of days. No lie-ons for us though as I arranged an Orthodontic appointment for my youngest at silly-o-clock in the morning! The last appointment we had was the day my mother died and we were told that an operation may be necessary. This time we got some good news and I know it may seem superstitious but I think my dear mother is interceding in some way! An operation is off the cards for now and we are so relieved.   I had planned to visit Dublin and have a culture day with the kids but the weather has being so miserable we have settled for walks and movies with the devices on stand-by!

Hubby and I are going out for our Valentine’s meal tonight so we are looking forward to having good food and a “proper” chat.

Have a good week everyone!


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