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Being Present.

Spring… thankfully is here!    The weather still isn’t great but there is something about this time of year that injects hope through our veins.. The “stretch” in the evening is happening, it is not an illusion and there is a hint of Spring on the rare occasion the sun decides to break through. Daffodils are beginning to push up and I have seen one flowering which is a bit worrying with all this talk of climate change!

I attended my last mindfulness class on Monday and it centred around letting go of past gripes or anger felt over the years.  Our facilitator guided us through a lovely meditation where we release any repressed emotions into a river and watch them float away.   That is all I heard as her melliferous voice is so soothing and calm that I have fallen asleep each week!    She assures me that I am listening on a subliminal level.    I always feel rested and relaxed immediately afterwards and as the day progresses I feel energised.

We celebrated Grandparents Day during the week through our schools. It comprises of a prayer service followed by a grandparent telling the children about their school days and how different it is now. The children then bring their grandparents to the classroom and show their desks and any art work they have done. It is so sweet and endearing watching the children take their grandparents hands and excitedly show them all their work.  I enlisted myself to help out with the tea and refreshments afterwards.  Before the prayer service began the principal came to me and told me that my child was going to light a candle for my mother. Tears came immediately where only moments before I was laughing… grief is so strange. We were both so  touched by this simple gesture especially as time has moved on and people forget. Unfortunately my father couldn’t be there as he was in high demand and double-booked for grandparents day.  My niece and nephew only have one grandparent living now so it was natural for him to go there.   On hearing that a candle was lit for Mam he was moved to tears too.   An emotive, poignant day that left me feeling quite sad afterwards.

About a week before my mother died I bought a book on spirituality. I don’t know why I bought it because I can’t remember the last time I bought anything like it. It is now bringing me great comfort.  Most nights I just open the book and whatever page I open I read.    Last night this is exactly what I needed:

The present well-lived takes care of every yesterday and every tomorrow.

The only time we can be happy is now.  

                                                                   Sr Consilio.

Taken from “The Harbour Within. A Book of Simple Spirituality”

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