Breast cancer support


I have been attending a mindfulness class at my local cancer support centre for a couple of weeks. All part of my healing from grief and loss.  The person facilitating the course exudes warmth and kindness when we meet. It is hard to explain but even conversing with her I know she is fully listening to what I am saying and is not distracted by all that is going on around her. It wasn’t just for me either, every person in the group was given equal attention. We all have been in groups where one or two people dominate a conversation and others maybe by choice or otherwise do not get a say at all.    By observing her actively listening, pausing and then replying to each individual made me realise that I am guilty of maybe distractedly speaking to people at times.  I had learned something before the class even began!

At the beginning of the session we were asked to pick a “positive affirmation” card made by Louise L Hay.  There is an affirmation on one side and on the flip side a longer extended version of the affirmation.  I laughed when I read my card.  You will understand if you read my post from last week  Early retirement… and cancer.  where I was still  feeling unsettled by having to retire earlier yet at the same time knowing it was the right decision for me.

The facilitator could see me smiling, so not to be rude, I shared with the class how I had been feeling. The facilitator spoke on how once we are open to various avenues in life amazing things happen and just because I am retired  now does not mean that I can work again.  As she spoke something shifted in me  and later on when driving home  I realised choosing that card on that day reaffirmed my current choice.

Life sometimes makes me smile at the wonder of it all!


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