Challenging Ourselves

I spent the first couple of days this week in the car driving  a similar distance that I used do quite readily on my daily commute.     I have noticed especially in the past couple of years that driving does not suit me anymore as my arm and shoulder get very sore.    The driving combined with not being able to exercise for a couple of days had my shoulder in a knot.   Of course, sods law,  on my free day the rain was unrelenting for 24hrs. I decided to practice some yoga at home to see if I could ease the pain . Finally just before lunch I capitulated and took some painkillers. The next day I was determined to get out in the fresh air.    My pace and length of time walking has improved over the past four years and  since the Summer months Hubby noticed that I was finally managing to keep up with him for most of the walk.   (In my defence he is a very fast walker!)   I wanted to challenge myself a bit more and I had been thinking about running again as I was inspired by some of the survivors and thrivers on social media.    In the past I had convinced myself that I was too old… had chronic back pain… my joints are too weak,   the excuses kept piling up.   I did run cross country running when I was a child and I was put off by seemingly endless days at meetings waiting in the wind and cold for my race to begin. I ran again in my twenties for awhile and that was it.  I stuck to walking after that. I downloaded an app that encourages beginners like me and hesitantly went off thinking at any minute I will stop and keel over but I managed it.   I felt great afterwards. I often heard people talk about the endorphins that are released during running.  After my experience, it is definitely the best drug ever!  I now understand why so many people run.  I felt amazing all day long. My mood was lifted and any  aches or pains that I had earlier were relieved.   Definitely a winner for me.

It is amazing how much we tell ourselves we can’t because…

I had myself convinced that running was impossible for me.   Being able to run albeit slowly was a major achievement for me as it represented far more than what it was. The feeling I had was similar when I found out that I had graduated from college with a first  and the time I got  the job I really wanted.   How many other obstacles have we subconsciously put in our way, not allowing ourselves to flourish?

It doesn’t matter what happens in your life.    It is our manufactured self-doubt that is holding  us back.

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