A Quiet Week

This week was rather quiet, gratefully quiet I might add, when we see all the havoc created all over the world with hurricanes and storms, never mind the political unrest in many countries all over the World creating uncertainty for its people. We are back to school a week now and slowly we are settling into the routine of school, lunches, and homework, its mundanity comforting when all around us seems chaotic.   The kids seemed happy enough going back having reached saturation point with Summer holidays.  The first couple of days I felt a bit disconcerted, I didn’t know what to be doing, felt a bit bleh, starting something but not quite finishing it.  That soon dissipated and now I am back to myself.

My energy levels are much better now and even reading my journal from a couple of years ago I can see an improvement.  I still feel gratitude for my continuing good health. Having had a hiatus for a while I am in awe of how well  I am now. That’s not saying I still have the usual aches and pains but I am able to manage them with a combination of exercise, physiotherapy, yoga and pilates.  I find that it is a great way to monitor and  compare our state of health by keeping a journal. I have always journaled through difficult periods in my life as it helped me find clarity and be objective in order to reach some sort of insight into whatever was troubling me. What I have noticed this time is that,  more or less, I am still doing the same things so maybe now this Autumn I should reflect on introducing some change in my life and perhaps that is the reason for my ennui earlier in the past week.  I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to be doing but I did cut my hair which is always a sign of some change about to happen!!

Hubby and I are going away for the weekend to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. This weekend is without the kids so it is a good time to connect, enjoy ourselves and get pampered for a couple of days.  As you probably know by now, eighteen of those years have had cancer at varying intensity  peeping over our shoulders. But hey we are still here.   We got through it.  Probably not the married life we thought about on our wedding day or honeymoon but it is still our life and we are together, united, facing whatever storm when it arises.  So this weekend is a celebration of our life together.

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