Step by step..

We are enjoying a last minute mini break before the kids head back to school. The weather is behaving itself and we have managed to get plenty of outdoor activities in.   I am only realising this is exactly what I needed as I have been feeling under par these past weeks recovering from  a viral illness I got on holiday. I always feel vulnerable when I am ill as my immune system is still compromised four years later. The only way I can recover is to spend time in bed- something I would never do before. 

Yesterday the kids and I went cycling, a first for me in a long time. It reminded me of my childhood and teenage years with the thrill of the combination of speed and wind on my face. We were exhausted but I felt thrilled as I knew I couldn’t have done that last year.   This morning we were surprised that none of us were too sore so again a pleasant reminder that I must be reasonably fit! 

We have moved on to visit my sister, who luckily for us lives near the sea! Unfortunately a work colleague of her’s has passed away from secondary breast cancer. She is obviously upset and she didn’t want to tell me about it to avoid distressing me.   Whilst it is upsetting to hear such sad news, it is more upsetting for my sister. She needs to grieve for her friend and spend time with those who knew her. For me it is just another reminder of how fragile our lives are.  The thrill of confidence building is always tempered by the fickleness of  this disease but it shouldn’t  stop me living my life. 

Today, whilst I think of my sister’s friend,  plan to try and re-experience something I used love  as a teenager- bodysurfing the waves…

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