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The Silent Anniversary..

Today marks eighteen years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

1999 – a time when mobile phones were only starting to become mainstream and not confined to yuppies, remember that term??  Shania Twain, Blink 182 & Ricky Martin were blasting over the airwaves all Summer, a time when we were planning  a trip to Portugal for a well earned break as my year was not going so well.  I had hurt my back in the Spring and it was still bothering me from time to time along with other minor ailments that just seemed to never go away. In the midst of it all  I decided to get a pesky lump removed (another minor ailment) so that I would have plenty of time on holiday to relax and recharge before going back to work. Guess how all that worked out!

I wasn’t going to mention it in any way especially since I had a recurrence. If you read Which cancerversary? you will understand my ambivalence surrounding my cancer anniversaries.   I have thought about it since and not many men or women are lucky enough to celebrate eighteen years living.

Eighteen years I may not have had if the chemotherapy did not work for me. Reflecting on those years I made some decisions based on my history of cancer but I can’t say I did a whole lot different than what I would have done prior to cancer.  Who is to know who or what I would have become or done?  This is my life now and I am grateful to have it.

There will be no celebrations or festivities just a quiet acknowledgement of the day with Hubby.


3 thoughts on “The Silent Anniversary..”

  1. Just read your stories! So fantastic. You are so right ! So blessed to still be here after 18 yrs. Wow that’s amazing!!!!!I have stage 4 Mets. I to feel very blessed to still be here enjoying my family. I was diagnosed in 2010. Went to my liver. I’ve had three recurrences. Doing pretty good right now. I will get results of my last scan Thursday. Just wanted to say Thank You for your stories. Your inspirering and give people hope in the future! Keep the the fight up my friend. God bless you from the bottom of my heart!❤💕


    1. Thank you for those lovely comments and sharing your story with me. I do hope your scan results are what you hope for and your treatment continues to keep working for a long, long time. That’s all we want isn’t it?- to be there ❤️


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