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Settling into Summer..

It has been a strange kind of week as the kids have gone on holiday to their cousin’s for a  week of summer-camp and fun. We drove them up on Sunday and the excitement was infectious in the car on the way up. As we approached, trepidation seemed to set in with the youngest. “Can I Face Time you anytime, Momie?” ”   “Where will I be sleeping?”  etc. The first evening the youngest child was on Face Time for about fifteen minutes recounting the whole day but seemed fine. The fourth evening I barely got a “Fine”, “we’re fine.. see ya!”   I knew then that all was well. Our house feels empty without them but I used this time to  redecorate one of the kid’s bedrooms and have just finished this evening so that pretty much took up a lot of my time.  Even though I was exhausted most evenings, I have noticed that my energy levels have improved.

I had my four monthly oncology appointment yesterday and if you read Coping with Oncology appointments.. you would have noted that I was feeling a bit anxious about this visit.  I didn’t write in that post  but alluded to my anxiety over  imaginary lumps and bumps.  Well I had noticed a change with a “thickness”  for want of a better word. Anyway I duly informed my Oncologist and he isn’t too worried. He is scheduling me for a mammogram on my next visit in November so I know he isn’t concerned at all. One advantage of living with the aftermath of  breast cancer for so long is that I know when my Oncologist is concerned. In the beginning I would question him on everything but by now I trust him implicitly. After my recurrence I was so anxious I asked him about having yearly PET scans as part of my check up. He dismissed the notion saying that I would be harming myself more by irradiating myself unnecessarily, which is a very fair and valid point.   Yet when I complained of persistent back pain he was quick to order a scan for me.  After my second diagnosis someone thought they were being helpful and suggested  I attend another Oncologist that lived near me. I looked at the person in horror and said ” Oh I couldn’t!” I paused and then blurted ” I nearly know him as long as I am married”  which is true!  I was diagnosed two years after we were married and this year we will be celebrating our twentieth anniversary so that in itself is enough said.

Speaking of which, this week was a great week to reconnect with Hubby. Most of the time we are living around the kids and organising their comings and goings.  We didn’t do a whole lot but went walking most nights. It reminded me of our life before the kids came along. It was always a time to chat and catch up with each other’s day. Sometimes when life is busy we forget what it is all about so this week was surprisingly a time to reflect, take stock and enjoy each other’s company.

The kids will  back home tomorrow so looking forward to seeing them again and returning to our usual routine.  We are reciprocating and hosting the cousins  for next week.  This is a great way for the cousins to get to know each other and have treasured memories when they are older, I hope! My role will be simply as a taxi driver and cook for the week with intermittent requests for treats!    It will probably be mayhem in the best possible way.

Until next time..

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