Tippy toes.. and Summer

It is coming up to a bank holiday weekend where I’m from and the sun is shining outside so I think this post will be a bit of fun for a change.  I’ve spoken before how Summer can be a bit of a challenge for what to wear during the warm months following surgery on Summer is on the way..   Today I am writing about the problem of choosing sandals when your toe nails are affected by chemotherapy and look like Golem out of The Lord of the Rings!

The current state of my toe nails four years on aren’t great, (and no, I definitely won’t be posting a picture of my toes! There are plenty of examples to see on the internet ! ) I lost the big toe nail on my right foot two years after chemo finished but has thankfully grown back and doesn’t look too bad all considering,  My left big toe remains discoloured and I’m not sure if it will fall off yet. suffice to say I automatically curl my toes if I think anyone may be even looking in my direction! My chiropodist has helped by filing the nail but it still looks rather ugly. I manage by painting them whenever they are exposed and usually with a neutral colour so as not to draw attention to them.

I had chemo during Summer so didn’t have any problems with my nails that year as I only began the Taxol in September. The following year I mostly wore ballet pumps and canvas shoes as I had no right big toenail.  Last year I was able to expose my toes to my delight but I am still conscious of them.

Here is a selection of sandals or shoes that you may like if you are feeling more like Golem than a Hollywood Star!

As you can see the toes are not exposed at all, Result! They are from and the blue and green ones remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker when she is wearing flats!

Here is another selection from

or if you prefer to wear a canvas shoe or runner here are some from again…

The wide fit may also help with peripheral neuropathy as I used like to wear thick sports socks to “cushion” my feet!

If your toenails are oozing (sorry if too much information) you will need to consult with your oncology team and podiatrist before you make any purchases because you may be at risk of developing an infection. They will give you advice on what particular style will suit your individual needs.

Whatever style you decide to go for, buy something that gives you an inner glow every time you look at your feet. Sometimes it is the small things that give us pleasure especially when in the midst of chemo. Until next time, enjoy your weekend, bank holiday or not…

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