Chronic pain

Pain Relief..

As I puffed and panted and thought that I was going to vomit, I kept telling myself ” It’ll be worth it.. It’ll be worth it..” Yet another stretch and plank.. Nearly there.. done.. Phew!

This is my third week after joining another Pilates class which is a tad more challenging than my usual class.  Even though in the middle of the session I regret attending each time I feel great afterwards so it is worth the pain!. I am definitely out of my comfort zone but I knew I needed to motivate myself as I was becoming way too comfy with the status quo. My reluctance stems from the late effects of chemo as I still become overwhelmed with fatigue at times if I overdo it. So far this week I have completed the recommended weekly exercise required to stay healthy so today I am taking a well earned break.  I have found from experience that it is as important to rest as well as exercise and maintain a balance between the two.

My Chronic pain. is currently being managed by a combination of exercise, stretches and physiotherapy.   The pain is well under control now and I feel great relief around my upper back and shoulder and I can take deep breaths quite comfortably. My physiotherapist used a combination of deep dry needling, manipulation and fascia release therapy. I was a little concerned about using the use of needles so close to my axilla and perhaps triggering lymphoedema but from doing a search on the internet , it seems to be used quite frequently.  I am resigned to the fact that I will always have some tightness but my quality of life has improved greatly. With all the exercise I am doing, I feel stronger too.

From doing my search the term “post mastectomy pain syndrome” seems to pop up quite a lot. I haven’t been diagnosed with this but can only assume that it is quite similar as I have a lot of the symptoms (Dr Google at it’s best here!). I don’t fancy labelling myself with another condition so am quite happy to know that I can get relief when needed. The breast care nurse did mention getting referred to a pain specialist if I got no relief so thankfully the regime I am on now is working.

All that is left is to enjoy the Summer, hopefully having minimum pain! Until next time..


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