Summer is on the way..

The month of May is whizzing by. Our social calendar, for once, is hectic!. Every weekend we have had some event on. All of our family are celebrating Communions and Confirmations this month.  Throw in a wedding and a meet up in the city to the mix and you get the gist. I’m not complaining but how come the Summer season always passes by much quicker than Winter, or is it just me?   The temperatures are finally starting to show some promise of heat, or as a Dublin taxi driver recently described an Irish Summer as when the rain turns warm!

Life is pretty good at the moment. I have been managing my chronic pain by having physiotherapy and I have also joined an extra pilates class which is a step up from my usual class so I will keep you updated on how that goes. I was all aches and pains the following day,  but in a good way,  and the tightness in my chest was much improved. I am hoping that as time goes on the tightness will ease completely and my muscles will be strong again.

The nice weather has got me thinking about clothes for the Summer and thinking of holidays. I haven’t pulled out the Summer clothes yet but have been looking around to see what is out there this season.   If this is your first Summer following a mastectomy or any kind of breast surgery you may be feeling a bit anxious about what to wear. It is probably the worst season to dress for following surgery for obvious reasons but with a good search and browse around the internet and the shops you will soon find something suitable to wear. Bardot tops seem to be everywhere this year so I think I will be giving them a miss but there are nice tops with ruffles and flower appliqué on shirts around too.

In the beginning I made the mistake of throwing out some clothes that I thought were too revealing. If you like the top and you look well in it, simply wear a camisole or vest underneath. This is a great option for workwear. When shopping I usually do the “bend forward trick” in front of the mirror and if the gap is huge the top goes back on the rack For more casual wear for weekends or holidays why not try these tops from Amoena and NicolaJane .

They have fitted pocketed bras so look both stylish and comfortable. The vest tops come in a variety of colours and from my experience are very popular and sell out pretty quickly each season.

Choosing beachwear and swimwear for me initially was so depressing. My confidence was at a low ebb and the thoughts of exposing myself was unbearable. I managed to purchase a couple of bikinis and when I tried them on I was thrilled, so never fear there is a swimsuit for you out there!  Below is just a small selection of what is available from Amoena and Nicola Jane. Again they are pocketed  and are very comfortable to wear.

For anyone who has lymphoedema and trying to avoid the sun, or just does not like exposing too much flesh, a kaftan can be thrown over the swimsuit.  I normally buy these on the high street as once my swimsuit is chosen, I can pick something to suit. The following are from Debenhams

Again I never worry too much about wearing a sundress during the day as I usually wear a bikini top underneath, so again here are a couple from Debenhams.

The above is probably enough to get started on shopping for the holiday season. If anyone has any other suggestions or tips,  I would love to hear from you..

Now I have to go and put more fake tan on for another busy weekend- I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy shopping!

PS: The picture of the beach is Keem Bay, Achill Island, Co Mayo. This is the most beautiful beach that I have ever visited. I have very fond memories of holidaying around there as a child. There is a little house on top of the hill, you can just about see it on the picture. My sisters and I used climb there as children..

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