Chronic pain

Managing chronic pain..

Had my first session of physiotherapy today arising from Sounds like a plan.. and the Chronic pain. I’ve been experiencing.  Funny, whenever  I am  due to go for an appointment everything feels ok and I wonder was I imagining things!  My pain score was probably only around 1 or 2/10 this morning. During my session I would give it 9/10! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse it did!   She found spots that even I didn’t know were bothering me!    At one point I was berating myself for making the appointment at all!….

Anyway my problem is that my trapezius muscle is in spasm and my physiotherapist  found many trigger points. She worked her magic and afterwards even though I felt drained, for the first time in ages I can take deep breaths quite comfortably.

All I wanted to do when I got home was go to bed but that wasn’t possible.   I felt sluggish for the afternoon but realised that similar to a massage I should drink plenty of water so after rehydrating I felt much better.

Even though I am sore this evening I have minimal pain. The relief of the “tight” feeling being eased is immeasurable and I am enjoying taking slow deep breaths as I type! I have exercises to do and return for more physiotherapy next week.  So all good…

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