Nail envy.. part 2

The above picture is obviously what I aspire to but  reality is displayed below!  It is around a month since I posted  Nail envy.. caring for nails after chemotherapy . This time I am going to review my efforts at caring for my nails and see If there is any improvement in their condition.     I took the calcium tablets as planned and my nails do seem a bit stronger but they still continue to flake at the tips.   A month ago   I certainly wouldn’t have been able to keep them at the length shown below but I know an hour in the garden will still have them in flitters!  Ho hum.   I’m not ready to go to the beautician for a shellac treatment yet as I know from previous experience it will only weaken my nails further.  It is over a year since I last had a shellac treatment but I hope by the Summer my nails will be much improved.

Below is a picture demonstration of how I apply nail polish to enhance the appearance of my hands and nails.

Bare nails


Above is the current state of my nails without any product on them. Below I have inserted a picture with the cuticle remover, nail strengthen and nail polish that I used on  the next few pictures.



The next picture was taken after applying cuticle remover and nail strengthener. I applied the cuticle remover first and then waited a couple of minutes. Once softened I gently pushed back the cuticles. If you are still on chemo be careful here and be extra gentle.  There is no point in creating unnecessary cuts which may become a pathway for infection!    I then filed my nails and applied nail strengthener to them.   Nail strengthener, for me anyway,  acts similar to “Polyfilla” by filling in any ridges and smoothing the surface of my nails thus creating a base for the nail polish.   It is not entirely smooth but as you can see, it is a big improvement on my bare nails!




And finally after three coats of nail polish



I know, not perfect but infinitely better than leaving them bare!   The reason I went for the pale shade was simply because I find when the condition of my nails isn’t great, the paler colours are more forgiving and any indentations seem to disappear.  An added bonus, of course, I’m sure you are aware of is that it allows for shaky hands when applying!.

I am still striving for perfectly manicured nails. Hopefully I am a step closer!

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