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Saturday bakes continued..

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Short post today.  Continuing on from Saturday bakes.. ,  we are expecting visitors later this evening so I decided to bake some buns for the children and a Bakewell tart for the adults.  Having eaten healthily all week it is time for some treats.    This is something that can be prepared and baked quickly plus your guests will think you have made a huge effort!

The Bakewell tart I bake is essentially a madeira sponge mix with a pastry mix at the bottom! I’m sure most of you have a madeira and pastry recipe at home that you use all the time and again adjust the sugar according to your preference.  ( If you wish the full recipe, post in the comments section and I will add it later)

Assemble the pastry mix at the bottom by cutting to the size of your dish. (You can cheat if you wish and buy shop bought pastry rolls if you are in a hurry!)  I don’t think “The Bake Off” would be too impressed with me, but sometimes we need to take shortcuts!

Next add a thin layer of raspberry jam, smoothing it evenly on top of the pastry.

Add almond essence when preparing the madeira mix and now smooth over the jam.

Finally add almond flakes to the top and bake in a hot oven (190C) for 40-45mins pending on your oven.


Double the madeira mixture when preparing and voila!  you will have enough mixture to make Queen cakes!   I keep mine plain as my children prefer them that way but you can add any topping you wish.

Finally sit down with a cuppa and enjoy!

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