Chronic pain


Back from my Oncologist’s visit yesterday and thankfully all is well again. I feel so grateful to be here again. Another little notch on my confidence belt. After all these years, even though I have been fairly confident these past few months, there is always a little “what if” for a few days beforehand.

The only issues I have are niggly ones. In the greater scheme of things they are just inconveniences but in order for me to continue improving my quality of life I will try and be the best that I can be. I spoke to the doctor about the chronic tightness and pain around the chest, shoulder and back area. I mentioned my conversation with the breast health nurse about visiting the surgeon and he agreed with me that surgery would not benefit me at this time. He spoke of a recovery programme for breast surgery that I may attend and am waiting to hear from another nurse in relation to this. I am not sure if I am a candidate as it is nearly four years since my last surgery. He gave me the go ahead to have physiotherapy as I was reluctant to do anything in case it was something else! In the meantime I will continue pilates and do my own stretches as I find that helpful.  In addition to analgesic gel!

I am very tired all week and was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday prior to my visit but knowing that I am free from cancer puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it?

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