Chemo day reads..

Most of us have been there, facing months of chemotherapy and pondering on how to endure chemo day. Obviously they are not days that will be remembered fondly and are mostly accompanied by a slight shudder when recalled.

I found the best way to tolerate chemo day is to immerse myself completely in a book. In addition to distraction, it can also create a protective barrier especially on the first day of chemo. All the new sounds, smells and setting can be overwhelming. As you adjust and adapt to the Oncology day ward over the coming weeks and months, a book by your side will help you escape when you need to.

Some books, however are not suitable for chemo day. I personally found that anything that had any negative associations would heighten my anxiety on chemo day, whereas normally crime fiction could quite easily be on my usual pile of books to be read. What I needed was pure escapism, but more thought-provoking than spine tingling.  Other considerations when choosing a book to bring with you on chemo day include being disturbed by the oncology nurses or doctors attending to you, whilst sometimes some drugs send you into a pleasant somnolent haze, which happened to me quite a lot!

There are so many wonderful books to read from the classics to commercial fiction. Even if you feel you cannot concentrate sufficiently to read a book, a compilation of short stories may work for you as your full attention is only required periodically.

Reading is such a subjective hobby. I have an eclectic taste in books and depending on what mood I’m  in , I’ll read all genres of writing.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will post some books on twitter and Facebook that I think may be good reads for chemo day. Happy reading !

Some Chemo day reads that I have posted on social media…

                             Portable Network Graphics image-39D01C6F6375-1

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